Triggler Support

Please email us if you have any issues or suggestions.

Recording a Sample

While on the SAMPLE panel, tap on the Microphone Button to enable capture mode. While in capture mode, hold down one of the pads to record your sample. Release the pad to stop recording. Right away, you can tap the pad again to hear your newly recorded sample.

Creating a Sequence

While on the SEQUENCE panel, tap to select a pad that contains a recorded sample. The 16 ‘steps’ buttons will display the current pattern for your selected pad. Turn the ‘steps’ buttons on or off to sequence for your pad. Tapping to select another pad will display a different pattern.
The column of 4 ‘sequence’ buttons on the left represent sets of pad patterns. Switching between these buttons allows you to jump to new arrangements of pad patterns.

Using Effects

While on the EFFECTS panel, ‘TAP TO ADD EFFECT’. This will open the effects library browser. Tap one of the effects to add to your project. If you want to remove an effect, tap the close button in the upper right hand corner.

Device screenshots were taken from an iPhone 5 (4-inch display). If you are using a 3.5-inch device, such as the iPhone 4s or earlier, you will only see one row of five trigger pads. Triggler is Core MIDI compatible. You may connect a MIDI keyboard to get more triggers. Also, due to their aspect ratio, iPads will only display the 3.5-inch single row layout. However, work is currently underway to release an iPad optimized version.